Edificio Instituto de Estudios Urbanos y Territoriales


Throughout the years, the Institute has grown to offer undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postgraduate programs, with an interdisciplinary emphasis on urban and territorial problematics in Chile and Latin America.

In 1967, the first Masters program was offered in the Institute (Master in Urban Development), followed by a second Masters program (Master in Human Settlements and Environment) in 1987. In 2004, the PhD program in Architecture and Urban Studies was created, a joint program with the School of Architecture.

More recently, the undergraduate program in Urban Planning was created (2014) with admission through College UC, and with articulation to the Masters in Urban Development (MDU) for the graduation process.

The latter is complemented by a wide range of Post Professional Programs (since 1995), which has managed to expand the scope of offerings, ranging from citizen participation and urban planning instruments, to real estate management, housing policies and environmental planning.

In addition to the curricular offerings, the Institute has a long history in research and publications in its main research lines: Planning and Governance, Urban and Territorial Processes, Sustainability and Territory.

1965 - CIDU

Se crea el comité Interdisciplinario de Investigación y Enseñanza del Planeamiento y Desarrollo Urbano


Primer Programa de postgrado en Planificación del Desarrollo Urbano y Regional

1970 -

Aparece la revista EURE

Se unifican el Instituto de vivienda y el Instituto de Urbanismo de la Facultad de Arquitectura


Se fusiona el CIDU con el instituto de Planificación Urbana (IPU) y pasa a llamarse Instituto de Estudios Urbanos -IEU-


Se incorpora el IEU a la Factultad de Arquitectura

El 1er programa de postgrado pasa a llamarse Magister en Desarrollo Urbano - MDU


Se crea el programa de postgrado Magíster en Asentamientos Humanos y Medio Ambiente - MHM

2001 - IEU+T
2004 -

Se crea el Doctorado en Arquitectura y Estudios Urbanos


Se crea el Título de Planificador Urbano

2016 -

El Instituto cumple 50 años de docencia, investigación y vinculación con el medio


Se crea el Magíster en Planificación Urbana - MPU