Research Projects

The academic and professional work of the Institute's researchers addresses the main urban and territorial problems of the country and the region. Through the research centers, they deepen the dialogue and dissemination of knowledge through the formation of interdisciplinary work teams. The three lines of study that guide the work of our academic programs are constantly updated due to the work that our academic body.

A Mississippi Miracle? The Effect of Mississippi’s Science-of-Reading Reforms on Reading Achievement

Paul Von Hippel

LBJ School of Public Affairs

2020 - 2021

Comparación espacio-temporal de la participación cultural y el gusto del caso chileno

Modesto Gayo
Co investigador(a)
N° 1190094

ANID / Fondecyt / Regular

2019 - 2022
Horacio Gilabert
Rodrigo Culagovski
Daniela Zaviezo
Piroska Angel
Cala del Rio
Cesar Fernandez
Santiago Diaz de Valdes
Ijeoma Oguegbu
N° 18I0028

ANID / Fondef / Investigación Tecnológica

2019 - 2021